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  • Sat, 14:41: Something pretty deep in regards to METX 210 and I hit me the other day. Check this out. As of Fall 2010, METX 185 and 210 were the only➡
  • Sat, 14:45: ⬅two F40PHM-2s on Metra's UP lines. Many know of METX 210 and I, but regarding METX 185, my grandpa passed in 1985. I was born in 1986. Wow.
  • Sat, 15:42: RT @AbundanceMind11: If you’re having a bad day, just remember that you've managed to get through every bad day you’ve had. You'll make it…
  • Sat, 15:42: RT @BooksMotivation: We don't lose friends. We just learn who our real ones are.
  • Sat, 16:25: I mentioned METX 185 on the UP lines, here's video footage of it at Elmhurst on the UP-W Line in November 2010. https://t.co/9IYU5gt7rF
  • Sat, 16:35: The video in my last tweet proves that METX 185 was on the Metra UP lines but unlike 210, its time in that area was bery short-lived.
  • Sat, 16:57: VERY short-lived I meant in my previous tweet, NOT "bery!" Gosh I hate it when I do that shit. Make a mistake while composing an epic tweet
  • Sat, 17:20: CTA L trains aren't using the Wabash side of the Loop this weekend. Construction. (at @cta) https://t.co/9IuvCpjcHt https://t.co/wQUFbZwcB9
  • Sat, 23:10: I'm really sick and tired of this unnecessary ass drama that's going on in the railfan community! I want to stay in this hobby, but OMMFG!
  • Sat, 23:25: I think I know why I'm the target of all of this recent bullshit, assholes are jealous and pissed about my coveted connection with Twotenny!
  • Sat, 23:35: They're jealous of the connection of METX 210 and I, they're bored out, and they only want to fuck with those who don't cause any trouble!
  • Sun, 00:00: Something a shitstarter said. I'm getting SO sick of people thinking I'm attracted to Twotenny in a nasty way! Why… https://t.co/T0Zu89yGvC
  • Sun, 00:09: This is my epic reply to that motherfucker! He really got mad when I said, later on, that he has a "narrow-as-an-ir… https://t.co/ZvGo4vlG3v
  • Sun, 00:24: A screenshot of the final two replies that I sent to that narrow-minded bitch before blocking his ass. I'm tired o… https://t.co/zn95IQMFSs
  • Sun, 01:29: Miserable fools are throwing stones of hate, lies, and resentment only because they want me to break off from my connection with Twotenny.
  • Sun, 01:44: It doesn't matter what any of these envious fuck-ups think, say, or feel. Under NO circumstances will I EVER cut my link with Twotenny!
  • Sun, 02:23: Okay, now that's freaky. As I meditated while listening to uplifting trance on my laptop, the laptop suddenly stalled and restarted itself.
  • Sun, 03:14: When I was meditating, I was thinking on everything that the story of METX 210 and I involves, and that happens to be a whole lot.
  • Sun, 03:30: Knowing of how much unrelated stuff is involved in the story of METX 210 and I, this thing isn't worth dumping because of miserable haters!
  • Sun, 03:40: Another thing, I've come way too far with Twotenny in my life to suddenly break my bond with it just to please any of those stupid fuck-ups!


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