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  • Sun, 15:13: I'm glad that this current shitstorm has subsided. I already know that another uprising is lingering somewhere around the corner, waiting.
  • Sun, 15:53: I told a friend that yesterday afternoon, a control box for a set of streetlights suddenly clicked and then shut down as I stood by it LOL
  • Sun, 15:55: All lights that were connected to that control box suddenly went out, when I stood by it. My thought was "Wow, what did I do this time?" LOL
  • Sun, 16:14: The most ironic thing is that that streetlight control box is located across from CTA L structure pillar #210, by Harold Washington Library!
  • Sun, 17:06: Killing a honey butter cashew milkshake. (@ Oberweis Dairy in Oak Park, IL) https://t.co/IjlPBQiJhH https://t.co/iitDNczqu1
  • Sun, 20:53: RT @livechannelfeed: Bitcoin shed about a fifth of its value over the weekend https://t.co/84kXQHH2GO
  • Mon, 00:00: While riding a CTA Green Line train to Oak Park, I was treated to a few songs by guitarist Kez Ban, who was on season 12 of American Idol.
  • Mon, 01:20: METX #162 Overtakes CTA Green Line L Train in Oak Park 3/19/17: https://t.co/uxMWRySbla via @YouTube
  • Mon, 02:30: Loaded Coal Drag Led by Norfolk Southern #9793/#8040 in Oak Park, IL: https://t.co/jNPhnVJ3tz via @YouTube
  • Mon, 03:11: I never knew that the Macy's on State St. had a connection to the CTA Red Line until my Jehovah's Witness friend showed me yesterday.
  • Mon, 03:18: Speaking of my Jehovah's Witness friend, I gave her this necklace that I made for her. She instantly fell in love w… https://t.co/nJ9CCXRcbm
  • Mon, 03:27: I made it for her because I appreciate what she has done. Every time we meet, she always buys me a little meal, but it makes me feel bad➡
  • Mon, 03:32: ⬅and the reason why it makes me feel bad is because I don't like it when people spend THEIR money on me. I prefer that I spend on me.
  • Mon, 03:34: No, I'm not prideful, I'm just a highly independent person and I feel extremely bad when people buy me things. It saddens me on the inside.
  • Mon, 03:39: To erase the sad feelings I experience whenever someone buys something for me, I buy or give them something in return.
  • Mon, 03:48: An example is when a friend bought me a recent issue of Trains Magazine. Before I met him to pick it up, I bought a sweatshirt to give him.
  • Mon, 03:55: When I saw that the magazine he gave me cost $9.99, I really felt bad. I could've bought it for myself, but the only hindrance was time.
  • Mon, 09:21: Ohhhh boy. It looks like some more bullshit in the railfan community is brewing, and I was dragged into it. Ugh damnit! 😕


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